Target Identification

The global drug development market is growing rapidly. At present, there are only more than 400 credible drug targets, which is a bottleneck problem restricting the development of new drugs. On the other hand, the new drug R&D cost is huge. Many drug candidates are abandoned when they find unacceptable side effects of off-target, resulting in a huge waste of R&D investment.

Through point mutation and next generation sequencing (NGS) technology, using precise and efficient bioinformatics analysis, the genetic screening platform developed by Angalbio team can achieve functional gene screening including essential genes, reveal the target structure, and the drug target interaction information is key for drug development. We can provide the following services:

? Identification on/off target structures of drugs or candidates at amino acid level resolution
? Functional validation of novel drug targets by using a repairable haploid genomic library
? Provide information on drug target binding structure to promote rational drug design