target validation

Haploid cell engineering technology for target validation

Using Haploid cell engineering technology, Angalbio aims to establish the most sophisticated genome-wide stem cell libraries in the world. These robotics-based proprietary library generation technology pipelines were developed for the currently largest stem cell library in the world containing more than 100,000 clones targeting about 70% of the entire mouse genome (Elling and Penninger, Nature 2017). Angalbio will have exclusive access to this unique haploid cell library, via IMBA, the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. With a twice revertible mutagenesis system in haploid cells, we can revert each gene loss and hence can also determine the effects of drugs or viruses in sister cells, thereby having set up the worlds most advanced system for target validation.

Our libraries will offer unique applications due to unprecedented precision and the unique possibility to immediately repair the mutations, being therefore the most sophisticated gene discovery and functional validation tool to date.