Natural Compounds Drug Development

1. R&D on Mode Of Action of TCM herbal medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese civilization, and many TCM herbal formulae have long history of clinical applications and definite curative effects. They are commonly used by doctors and patients in the East Asianfor over thousands of years , although their mechanisms, i.e. the mode of actions are not clearly understood. Today TCM has been widely accepted and used in the western world. At present, one big challenge of studying the TCM pharmacology is to identify and validate the drug targets, andto explain the molecular mechanism of its pharmacological effect. The world's leading drug target screening platform of Angalbio, will quickly and accurately identify and validate drug targets at amino acids resolution and reveal its mode of action.

2. R&D of new natural compound drugs

Plants have been used as a source of medicine throughout history and continue to serve as the sources for many pharmaceutical drugsused today. . Nature is the best pharmaceutical chemist. The advantage of natural compounds for the new drug development derives from their innate affinity for biological receptors, andThe natural compounds have unparalleled advantages, such as high-efficiency with low side effects. They are currently the hot field of new drug development in the world. With well equipped withadvanced technology platform and the supportof a world class scientific team, Angalbio aims to discover the next artemisinin!