Chairman of the board, Prof. Dr. Josef Penninger

was the founding scientific director of IMBA in Vienna and heads the Life Sciences Institute at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, the largest such institute at any Canadian University. He studied Medicine at the University of Innsbruck, is a member of the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Austrian Academy of Sciences (elected as the youngest member), the Academia Europea, and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. He was also a Young Global leader of the World Economic Forum. Josef is a Professor of Genetics at the University of Vienna, Adjunct Full Professor of Immunology at the University of Toronto and holds honorary Professorships from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Qingdao University. Major achievements include pioneering insights into the molecular basis of osteoporosis and breast cancer, as well as the study of metastatic spread. Josef Penninger’s major awards include the Descartes Prize, the Prize for medical excellence, an AAAS Award, the Innovator Award from Era of Hope/U.S. Department of Defense and a second ERC Advanced grant.

CEO, Dr. Liqun Zhang

got her Ph.D of genetics from University of Toronto, Canada, visiting professor and TCM teacher of Shandong University of traditional Chinese medicine, has set up a course of TCM in Vienna Medical University and compiled an English textbook of TCM. She participated in the development of children's anticancer drugs at Apeiron Biotechnology, the first Austrian biotechnology company to obtain EU approval for new drugs. Dr. Zhang has actively served as a bridge for China EU close exchanges and cooperation over the years. She successfully registered Chinese Ganoderma spore products in Austria in 2008. In 2018, Dr. Zhang helped Beijing Kleiber Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd. of China, Concorde Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and G.L.Pharma GmbH, the largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Austria, successfully established a Sino Austrian joint venture company in Beijing to produce and sell high-quality and low price generic drugs in China with the advanced pharmaceutical technology in Europe, to benefit the Chinese people. At the same time, Dr. Zhang Liqun serves as the CEO of Angalbio and will be fully responsible for the company's operation.